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Maker of Clay Ocarinas

I make hand formed earthenware ocarinas (whistles).  My
ocarinas use a five finger hole, English style system that
allows each instrument to play a full octave plus one note.  
At this time I am not selling online but I invite you to take a
walk through the gallery and drop me a line.

What the heck is an Ocarina?

Ocarinas are a type of flute.  But unlike the more familiar
flute that you typically see in an orchestra it is made from an
hollow closed form rather than an open ended tube.  
Ocarinas also employ a mouth piece (fipple) to direct your
breath, similar to a whistle or recorder.  

They are very ancient instruments dating back thousands of
years and have been found in many cultures throughout the
world.  Ocarinas are made from a number different materials
including: wood, clay, bone, bamboo, plastic, metal, and
even paper.  A good ocarina has a clear crisp sound, and is
easy and fun to play.