My Favorite Ocarina Sites

Clayzeness Whistleworks - Pendant and Zelda style ocarinas, flutes, online songbooks.

Songbird Ocarinas - another source oa pendant and Zelda style ocarinas, Eagle Bone flutes, songbooks and more.

St. Louis Ocarina - Just about every kind of ocarina you can imagine.  From beginner to professional models.  Plus instructions, method books, and sheet music.

Whistleworks - Whimsical 4 hole ocarinas.

Hind Ocarinas -very beautiful, handmade, wooden ocarinas by world famous maker Charlie Hind..

Ocarina di Budrio - Italian maker of wonderful traditional professional ocarinas since 1853.  Listen to songs performed by the ocarina ensemble “Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese”.

Also Janet Moniot’s book, “Clay Whistles…the Voice of Clay” is an excellent instructional book if you care to try your hand a making your own ocarinas.  It is available on Amazon.

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